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Learning technology in itself is not important, learning technology should help teachers to focus on their main task – educating. Learning technology should give teachers better support, at the same time give learners a free choice in use of resources, apps and tools. Hypatia Learning is working closely with global standardisation organisations to ensure that technology work effortlessly with the goal to suppert the schools and its teachers. With basis in global standards schools will have the tools they need to gain control of the digital educational environment offered to their learners.

Privacy is maybe more important within education than in most other domains. By ensure privacy and security, schools must have ownership and take control of all data produced by their learners. When schools gain control and ownership of data produced by their learners, teachers will have a dashboard with relevant information at their fingertips. The services from Hypatia Learning have a learner first strategy, by developing learning services with the needs of the teacher as a main focus.

Global standards as a source for innovation

To remove the focus away from technology, it must become invisible itself.

Technology must be based on global standards for interoperabilty and pluggability to become omnipresent.

When implementing global standards, schools are free to choose tools and services from varius companies. Without these standards schools are mandated to use what the various companies offer.

With a standard based infrastructure from Hypatia Learning, the schools can freely chose added value services, which inckudes all learning resources, apps and learning services.

Teachers take control

Without teachers there are no schools, they make the schools. The better we support our teachers, the greater our schools will be. Hypatia Learning develops technology that focuses on the teachers. When the data is correct and updated the teacher gain information and will be better equipped.

For teachers to get updated data, all activities of the learner must be reported to the repository used.

The small-data approach by Hypatia Learning provides the teacher with the data needed, at the same time it guarantees the privacy of the data produced by the learners.

Unique dashboards gives teachers control

A unique dashboard tailored to the preferences of the teacher provides information about all learner activities. A dashboard gives teachers information about how their learners perform, what activities they do, which tools they use, and how they collaborate. From the dashboard the teachers are notified if some of the learners are not performing as planned. Teacher can also view more detailed data about the learners activities from the dashboard.

The dashboard provides a comprehensive view on how all learners in a class or group are doing, including their activities in each subject. With a glance at the dashboard the teacher knows how every learner is doing. From the dashboard a more detailed view of the learner can be seen, only the teacher of the class has access to the dashboard with information about the that specific learner.

Information at the teachers fingertip

When teachers have data about the learners activities at their fingertips, they are atuomatically in a better position to help the student. With a tailored dashboard the teachers can focus on the information they need to help the individual learner better.

With support from technology, teachers will be better teachers, they will be better prepared whilst teaching. The more a teacher knows about the individual learner, the better she can help the learner to achieve his full potential.

Teacher – student collaboration

When both learners and teachers have access to the same personal learner dashboard, they can set personal goals for the learner. The learner can report his activities, write his learning diary, do self-assessments based on planned learning goals.

The teacher can easily initiate collaboration and discussions among groups of students. Automated learning services can also suggest collaborations and discussions among students based on their activities. Great education happens in a productive symbiosis between the teacher and the student, and amongst group of students.

Students at the core of all education

The reason we have technology in schools is to support education. Everything we do must be done with the best interest of the student. If technology used in schools isn´t benificial for the learner, we shouldn´t use it. All services from Hypatia Learning are aimed at supporting better education.

The teachers and learners should have the freedom to choose amongst learning resources, tools and apps. All technology used by a learner, should report the learners activities so that it can be easily analyzed by the teacher.

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Hypatia Learning

We are a start-up company, with the ambition to change how learning technology is used by teachers.

The pedagogical solutions that are possible from using technology, should be managed and controlled by the school based on the needs and requirements of the teachers. We will provide the teacher with infomation about all learner based activities.

Based on this information the school and teacher are free to select the pedagogical services they want to use. Examples of these could be a learning diary, self assessments, learning analytics, collaboration, annotations, question and test banks etc.

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